Håkan Lindgren

With tutorials, how to create 360 VR panorama, Florian generously shares his knowledge to everyone who wants to learn the process.

I contacted Florian when we were in need to educate our staff. With great knowledge, enthusiasm and professional approach, he delivers what his name tell us — a pano guru.

I can full-heartily recommend Florian to everyone who wants to learn or needs help with the process.

Founder of FastOut

Craig Dolick

What can I say about Florian? I’m very fortunate to have run in to him and am grateful for his assistance. He is professional, articulate, extremely helpful and a very personable individual. When asked to explain or teach me something his response is always clear and concise, not to mention thorough.

Florian has been helping me provide a new service to a valued client and after dealing with Florian for a short while I didn’t hesitate to introduce him to this client knowing that they would be better served dealing with Florian directly. My client has reported back appreciation for Florian’s knowledge and assistance. He makes me look good! What more is necessary?

Director Horizon Photoworks

Zoran Trošt

I visited Florian in Ireland for a weekend training when I realised I needed a boost with doing panoramas. During that weekend training we managed to substantially optimize my workflow. He readily saw the critical gaps in my skills, and helped me to resolve them.

What I appreciated the most were the many small practical solutions/advices that helped me with shooting and post-processing of the panoramas.

Florian is excellent with explaining also in plain language, comfortable and confident in the field of panorama shooting and has no problems with sharing of his knowledge. I was very satisfied with what I gained, so I highly recommend his services.

Zoran booked private weekend workshop with me

Jason Canning

After seeing some great tutorials of Florian’s regarding creating 360 panoramic images, I decided to ask for his help with a large amount of images I needed to stitch for a very important client (GSMA and the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona).

Not only did Florian do a fantastic job of this in a short space of time, he also gave me some very useful tips and tricks to the point that I can now create panoramics more easily and at a much higher quality all by myself.

I highly recommend him!

Director Event Floorplans Ltd

Chris Meimaris

I became interested in panoramic photography in April 2013. I found Florian Knorn’s tutorials on the web and contacted him to get some hints on what to buy. Within an hour, Florian put me on to the right people and laid out for me all the equipment I needed. With this shopping list from Florian, I was able to get started in panoramic photography very quickly. Just two days after calling Florian I produced my first spherical panorama using a DSLR camera. Florian encouraged me to attempt both hand-held and tripod based panoramas. His advice on hardware and software was invaluable. It would have taken me many weeks to get started without it.

If you are contemplating panoramic photography, I recommend that you talk to Florian before you start. Not only will he give you the technical tips to get you up and running, he will also guide you in purchasing the right equipment for your budget and save you from expensive mistakes both in software and in hardware. His consulting and workshops would be invaluable to anyone starting out in panoramic photography and also to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their work.

Look at his work and video tutorials. The man is simply a Master.

Director Engineering Analysis & Design Pty Ltd

David & Carolyn Gibbins

Florian introduced and enthused my wife and I into (full “spherical”) panoramic photography at a Workshop he convened last year. The workshop was clear, interactive, practical, and at the same time illuminating in the fundamental “why’s”. He covered the full gamut of this specialised area of photography and couldn’t wait to get us actually taking spherical panoramas for ourselves in the field segments. Florian even graciously answered our emails after the workshop guiding us in our new journey and connecting us with suppliers of software and hardware which we would have found hard to track down. My wife and I appreciated both Florian’s passion for panoramic photography and his objective independence.

His own spherical panoramas show a mastery of not only the technology and computer side, but also a great artistry of compelling images. We have no hesitation in recommending Florian to anyone with an interest in panoramic photography.

Workshop participants

Deirdre Watters

I have worked with Florian since September 2008 and have found Florian to be a gifted photographer with an innate ability to capture the atmosphere of an event in his pictures. He is extremely professional and very easy to work with.

Florian’s work for NUI Maynooth has featured in The Irish Times, University News and also on our website www.nuim.ie.

Head of Marketing and Communications, NUI Maynooth

Deborah Byrne

Florian was friendly, accommodating and professional to work with. He is a skilled photographer who loves what he does.

He will make every effort to make you feel comfortable and to take the kind of photos you will want to keep forever: see his portfolio for proof!

Wedding photography client

Prof. Peter Wellstead

Florian, just a brief note to say how great photographs are that you have taken for us over the last few years. The work for the Second International Workshop on Systems Biology was especially impressive, but so to has been the portrait work for staff members and students.

Your high standards of professionalism and responsiveness are much appreciated.

SFI Research Professor of Systems Biology