portrait_jann_lipkaHi, I’m Florian and I love panoramas.

Like many others, I have been shooting panoramas pretty much all my life — initially just sticky-taping prints together.

Later, in the digital age, this became much easier and accurate, thanks to an ever growing number of software tools.

I eventually got serious about panoramic photography and completely immersed myself in it — spending hours, days, weeks, months, years capturing and processing, panoramas, educating myself, experimenting, working things out by trial and error, doodling and eventually selling panoramas.

I could never have done this without the vast amount of knowledge — voluntarily and graciously shared by others — that is available online.

So on this website, I’m trying to give back a bit by posting tutorials and answering your questions.

Please note though: Please don’t be greedy, ask very specific questions — and if you are getting paid for your photography, please consider hiring me properly for your training, consulting, workshopping needs to kick start your panoramic photography or give it that extra polish.

Thank you!


PS: Note also that you won’t find many panoramas here. The go-to place for that would be my panorama website: www.pano.ie.