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In this this tutorial I demonstrate just three of the many possible ways of levelling your Ricoh Theta panoramas — a question that seems to come up quite frequently. Read More

Here’s a quick little script I hacked together so that you can automate levelling of your Ricoh Theta panoramas… Read More

Note: Due to changes in the Facebook platform, this approach is no longer available. This post is kept purely for historical reference. Read More

So once you have created your 360×180° panoramas, how do you show them off and share them? Read More

Having problems with you manual fisheye lens (like the Samyang / Rokinon / Bower 8mm or Peleng 8mm) getting started in your stitching software? Well, stitches require an initial “idea” of the focal length (and lens type) used — and they try to take that information from the EXIF data. Read More

Some Mac users miss the ability to “drag and drop” a pano image onto good old PanoGLView. Read More

Wow, your work is amazing — what gear do you use?
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If you want to publish your panoramas to Photospheres to Google Views Maps or indeed a whole range of other platforms (like e.g., then the panorama’s compass heading or bearing becomes important. Read More

Thinking that it might interest some, here’s a coincidental video of me shooting this panorama in the cockpit of a Cessna 152. Read More