Ricoh Theta Levelling Bash Script

Here’s a quick little script I hacked together so that you can automate levelling of your Ricoh Theta panoramas… since if you copy the images directly from the camera (as you should, in order to get maximum quality out those nifty little things) they are not levelled out of the box.

The script can be downloaded from this Dropbox folder. There you’ll also find a quick video demonstrating its use!

If you want to install it more permanently (on your OSX system), run the following from the command line.

# download file from dropbox
wget -O ~/Downloads/

# move it to a suitable place (requires admin privileges)
sudo mv ~/Downloads/ /usr/local/bin/

# make it executable
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/

2 Comments on “Ricoh Theta Levelling Bash Script

  1. I bought Ricoh Theta S and I would like to get pictures to put in website. I don’t know how transform them and even I’ve read and heard your tutorials I don’t understand how I have to do this.

    • Well, I would just use Theta’s own, free online service for starters, to host, level and share the panorama online. You can easily embed their viewer, the instructions are quite clear.

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