Tutorial 13

So once you have created your 360×180° panoramas, how do you show them off and share them?

Today I’ll show you just 4 of the many options you have, namely using the PTGui viewer, KRPano viewer, 360cities.net and Google Maps.

This is part 13 in a whole series of tutorials.

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned!


Question post with further links | Setting a panoramas’s compass heading | Adding tags for Google Maps, items (C) and (D) | Panorama on 360cities.net | Panorama on Google Maps

6 Comments on “Tutorial 13

  1. Florian, thank you for the tutorials you have made and posted related to 360 panoramas. I am greenie when it comes to 360 and would like to know if you can help me out. Recently I downloaded kr pano and ptgui trial. Personally, I like the kr pano interface for their ability to use plugins. The problem I have encountered is as follows: I shot some pictures with the intention of stitching them and create a 360, but when I drag the pics to the Make Pano (normal pano) droplet, it gives me the following message:

    WARNING: 4T0A1635.tif is not a 360×180 panorama image!

    Type of the panorama image? (0=None/Skip, 1=Flat, 2=Spherical, 3=Cylindrical)

    No matter if its a .tif .jpg .cr2 I get the same error…

    I checked the forums, but i could not find any help there. Do i need to edit the pictures to make them 2:1? What I am doing wrong? Any suggestions?

    Thank you,


    • Marvin, make sure you select equirectangular as panorama format, and that it’s 360×180 degrees field of view, even if there are black areas. Then you will have no issues with KRPano.

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