A demonstration of just three different ways of automatically levelling Ricoh Theta panoramas.


So once you have created your 360×180° panoramas, how do you show them off and share them?


Problems with you manual fisheye lens (like the Samyang or Peleng 8mm) getting started in your stitcher?


This tutorial is all about HDRi techniques and how they apply to panoramas. Or rather: how you can work around…

I want to show my panoramas on my website — but how?


In this (quite lengthy) tutorial, I’ll give you a chance to get a “raw” look over my shoulder and see some of the…


This tutorial shows two techniques how to edit the vertical down view, or “nadir”. You mostly need this to remove…


Here’s the another set of images to be stitched in PTGui — images shot from the tripod. We thus need a couple of…


After shooting and developing the images, we will now stitch them together into the final 360×180° fully spherical…