Publish panorama?

I want to show my virtual tours or panoramas on my website — but how?

You are asking how to actually publish your panorama once you have stitched it. First of all, check out my tutorial video about this topic.

Then, if you are a PTGui user, don’t forget that you get a Desktop and Mobile capable viewer for free with it.

Making virtual tours, however, is a more involved thing. While I can’t list all available players, but probably the most powerful tool for this would be the KRpano player (you might want to use Kolor’s Panotour tool as a GUI). Alternatively (and I can’t possibly list all, plus I don’t have first-hand experience with them) have a look at Pano2VR or Flashificator. And here are listed some more (1, 2).

You could just use a free hosting service like,, Sphere,, or indeed Google Maps / Street View and then embed the result.

10 Comments on “Publish panorama?

  1. It would be really great if instructions were provided to help me embed a panorama on my own web page so people could view it.

  2. Hi,

    It was great to see your video on how to upload pano into our own websites. Appreciate ur service.
    Can you pls suggest on how to share it by whats app.


  3. Thanks for this great tutorial. Now I try myself to get my own panorama on my server for testing. Now I use myself joomla – 3.6.2, in conjunction with the templates and then I’d like to directly place an HTML file (export of PTGui) in the template. But this does not succeed me.

    Now my question is: Is this possible or is there a change the way to get the html file without using the menu, the panorama in the template.

    My intention is that if there is going to be a visitor to my site, it immediately goes to see the panorama.

    I hope that you have a solution.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Sorry, not quite sure what your question is. I’m not too familiar with Joomla either, so not sure if I can help…

      • Thank you very much for your response.

        As you may know, Joomla using templates. Now it is my intention that the panorama is placed directly in the template. This allows visitors to instantly see the panorama, once they come to my site.

        What has to happen?

        The HTML code (export PTGui), should be placed directly in the template, or to be called on a one or change the way from the template.

        What is the solution?

        Can help me with it?

        Thanks in advance,

        Mr. Hof

        • Easiest would be to put the whole export from PTGui some place on your server, then include this inside an iframe element. Otherwise, you’d have to extract the relevant elements from the HTML file PTGui creates. You’ll have to do some figuring out yourself, I can’t describe the process to you short of hiring me to do this.

  4. Hello
    Is it possible to know if PTGui links a panorama to another panorama?
    For example to move my view from a room to another room or from a mountain to another mountain?
    Thank You

    • PTGui provides a very basic viewer, but this is purely for convenience and not designed to be much used in production. If you want more features, you should look at the likes of KRpano, Pano2VR, etc…

      • Thank You very much Florian!
        I’m doing my first test and I understand the difference.

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