Tutorial 9

You may have seen those seemingly shiny mirror balls around the nadir of some panoramas…

It’s a quick and dirty trick to cover your messy nadirs. They’re often referred to as mirror ball tripod caps and they’re super easy to make (provided your nadir hole is actually at the nadir), so here’s a quick how-to.

5 Comments on “Tutorial 9

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  2. This procedure does not seem to work in photoshop CC . I used to have CS6 and it worked in that but can not see how to get it to work in CC.

    Any ideas.

    • Which part doesn’t seem to work?? It works just fine for me with the latest CC…

      • It is OK . I discovered what was happening. Once you make the selection you need to copy it. I don’t remember having to do that in CS6 I think it automatically copied the selection.


  3. thanks for this very useful video!! I managed my first mirror ball. It looks so cool! Kind regards

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