Tutorial 5

In this tutorial, I’m showing two techniques how to edit the vertical down view, or “nadir”. You mostly need this to remove the tripod from your image, or when you have some unwanted lens flare in the image (like here).

The first technique involves PTGui and two useful templates by Erik Krause, the second one uses a droplet from the KRPano Tools.

The final outcome can be seen here on 360cities.net.

PS: Here’s another plugin to help you with nadir editing, and Pano2VR is also an option.

3 Comments on “Tutorial 5

  1. Florian, can you teach how to install Erik Krause’s plugin?

  2. The plugin should be installed in PTGui’s configured template folder.

    This folder can be opened by launching PTGui and doing Tools – Open Folder – Template Folder. Any templates stored here will have a shortcut in the File – Apply Template menu.

  3. These videos are really helpful.and clear. Thank you!

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