Tutorial 7

In this (quite lengthy) tutorial, I’ll give you a chance to get a “raw” look over my shoulder and see some of the stitching tricks and retouching techniques I employ to stitch more difficult panoramas (in particular, with people moving around in the image, and where the panorama has been shot handheld in a rather sloppy, imprecise way).

To better follow the tutorial, the (downsized) images used can be downloaded from here.

The main point to take away: Certain problems can be fixed both before and after stitching, but the time it takes to fix them can vary quite considerably. So experiment and get a feel for what type of problem is best fixed at which stage – stitching or retouching. And: The “Skew” tool in Photoshop is your friend.

The final panorama can be seen here.

5 Comments on “Tutorial 7

  1. YOU ARE THE F’ING MAN! These tutorials are incredible. Thank you so much for dedicating so much time to helping teach others this awesome form of photography.

    • Love all of your tutorials! I am really learning a lot but I seem to have an issue trying to download your sample files… I am able to follow the link, but then no matter what I do, I am not able to get an active link to download. Any suggestions?
      /Users/markkuklinski/Desktop/Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 8.13.12 AM.png

  2. Hi Mark, you are right, looks like ge.tt stopped working… I’ll see if I can pull the files out of the archives, it’s been a little while 😉

      • Hi Mark, I’ve now re-uploaded the tutorial files to Dropbox, so check the respective posts (Tutorials 3, 4 and 7) for the updated links. Thanks for pointing this out!

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