Which lens / camera?

Can I use camera ABC and lens XYZ to shoot 360×180° panoramas?

Well, the short answer is — you can use any lens and camera you want, it just depends on how many images you are willing to take until you have captured everything, and/or what output resolution of the panorama you are looking for.

The long answer can be found in my Video Tutorial 8.

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  1. Now , the PTGui can give me a perfect result on my test images. But I want to use the method to do vedio panoramic splicing , how can I get the parameters and the algorithm used in the software. nend your help or give me some guides.

  2. is it better to use fish eye setting on canon G16 to shoot 360*180 or just the normal?

    • I don’t know what that setting does, but if it’s just a digital effect there is absolutely no point using it. The reason you are using a fisheye lens is to capture as much as possible in one go. A digit effect can’t help you with this, since it’s still dependent on what the lens captures anyway…

  3. It is a few years later. Good qualities 360 cameras are available on the market already. Does it still make sense to take spherical photos with an ordinary camera? I know that by using professional objects we will get better image quality, but does it make a difference to someone? I want to take indoor shots and I am wondering about my equipment selection, hence my question.

    • Hi there, there still are many justifications for going either way, and the reasons are the same. My opinion: While all-in-one-cameras become better and better and more or less “suffice” for web use, the growing “AR/VR” market will itself produce higher quality requirements in the not so distant future, which should be kept in mind as well.

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