Tutorial 11

This tutorial is all about HDRi techniques and how they apply to panoramas. Or rather: how you can work around the main pitfalls when trying to tone map stitched 32 bit panoramas. Read More

Tutorial 10

In this tutorial, I’ll discuss shaving the lens hood off certain fisheye lenses, and share my experience when I did this to my own Sigma 10mm Fisheye. Read More

I want to show my virtual tours or panoramas on my website — but how?
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Tutorial 9

You may have seen those seemingly shiny mirror balls around the nadir of some panoramas… Read More

Tutorial 8

I often get asked “Can I use camera X and lens Y to shoot 360×180° panoramas?”, as well as “Does it make a difference if I use a wide angle or fisheye lens?”. Read More

Can I use camera ABC and lens XYZ to shoot 360×180° panoramas?
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Tutorial 7

In this (quite lengthy) tutorial, I’ll give you a chance to get a “raw” look over my shoulder and see some of the stitching tricks and retouching techniques I employ to stitch more difficult panoramas (in particular, with people moving around in the image, and where the panorama has been shot handheld in a rather sloppy, imprecise way). Read More

Tutorial 6

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to adjust / calibrate your panoramic tripod head to find the no-parallax point (also incorrectly referred to as “nodal point”) for your lens. This is very important to minimise the stitching errors in your panoramas. Read More

Can I use my regular X mm wide angle lens instead of an X mm fisheye?
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Tutorial 5

In this tutorial, I’m showing two techniques how to edit the vertical down view, or “nadir”. You mostly need this to remove the tripod from your image, or when you have some unwanted lens flare in the image (like here). Read More